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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Helmet Quick Disconnect (was Nomex (was [IAC] ...


Thread: Helmet Quick Disconnect (was Nomex (was [IAC] ...

Message: Re: Helmet Quick Disconnect (was Nomex (was [IAC] Flight suits))

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From: George & Jan Norris <norris at>

Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 08:05:21 UTC


  Tom Jones wrote:
> One more thing. Anyone who flys with any kind of strap-on helmet - cloth,
> kevlar or whatever - should have a quick-disconnect on the headset cord near
> the helmet to allow them to exit the aircraft gracefully. Trust me. One
> looks and feels really stupid when your body tries to run and your head's
> still attached to the aircraft. And that's without fire, and without being
> in the middle of a low altitude bail-out.
> That disconnect, the IAC SHOULD require.

There is a simple solution to the quick disconnect problem for those
using military style helmets ... count me in as one of those!

I've been using a Flight Suits HGU-55 helment for a little over a year. 
It's expensive (>$600 in Kevlar), light weight (~DC headset), and
overall not too bad to wear (anything is hot in Arizona in the
summer!).  One thing I found by accident was to get the single plug
U-174 mic/phone connector on the helment and use a flexible U-174 to
Type 88 (two plug) adapter (plugs connected by about 3" of wire).  The
adapter makes a very nice emergency quick disconnect since it easily
moves in the direction of the helment cord.  A standard Type 88 would be
at right angles to the direction you would tend to pull it (at least in
the Pitts S-2B I fly).  I, of course, have tested it more than once in
getting out of the airplane too quickly on a hot day!

A cheap solution and one less thing to worry about in an emergency
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