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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Fond du Lac - Can You Help?

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Fond du Lac - Can You Help?


Thread: Fond du Lac - Can You Help?

Message: Fond du Lac - Can You Help?

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From: "King, John" <John_King at>

Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 07:22:32 UTC


  We are trying to put the "International" back in IAC, or at least the IAC
championship at Fond du Lac. IAC President  Dick Rihn has asked that we 
encourage international competitors to come and fly at Fond du Lac this
year.  My job is to find aircraft for these international competitors to
fly.  So far we have interest from the following pilots:

A Brazilian Unlimited Pilot - Extra 300 (mid-wing) needed

A Russian Unlimited Pilot - Sukhoi  needed

Sportsman Pilots from Greece and Great Britan - one Decathlon and one S2-B

We will be working with the IAC,  FAA and the insurance agencies  working
out certification, insurance, safety pilot rules, cost sharing and other

Can you help?  Are you going to Fondy and would be willing to share your
aircraft with one of these international competitors.  Perhaps you know of 
someone in your chapter (maybe eMail impaired) who might be willing to
share an aircraft.  I will be contacting the likely FBO's and flight
schools with rental aircraft on the IAC's master list.  Please pass the
word and contact me if you can help or have any ideas.  

My contact information is:

(415) 372-1485 (voice mail equipped) or
john_king at   (please don't send responses back to the IAC


John King
IAC Chapter 85


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