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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] RE: Sport Aerobatics - the ideas....


Thread: [Acro] RE: Sport Aerobatics - the ideas....

Message: [Acro] RE: Sport Aerobatics - the ideas....

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: Graham Bird <g.bird at>

Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 20:26:56 UTC


  At 11:39 AM 2/6/2003 -0800, Cris Flint wrote:

>There is a percentage, roughly 8%, of our own Chapter that doesn't even have
>internet access as near as I can tell (I built and have maintained the
>Chapter database for many years), and the SF Bay Area is probably the
>technology capital of the country.  There is a much larger percentage of the
>Chapter membership that does have internet access but does not spend much if
>any time on the computer each day, including the traveling member scenario
>laid out a couple of days ago by the commuter pilot.  While I am a big
>proponent of technology solutions as you know, relying exclusively on this
>medium is, in my opinion, a mistake.
Understand your point.

>By your own admission, magazine content is an ongoing struggle, and it
>sounds like the proposal is to *remove* content.  I don't quite follow the
>logic.  It also seems we are being "penny wise and pound foolish".  But, I
>never could follow that funky British currency anyway...!
I take a different view!  If the content has wide value, then it is 
good.  If it's there as filler then it's not!

>Cris Flint
>Webmaster etc
>IAC Chapter 38
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Graham Bird [mailto:g.bird at]
>Sent: Thursday, February 06, 2003 2:05 PM
>To: acro at
>Subject: [Acro] Sport Aerobatics - the ideas....
>I want to try and present some of the thinking - first hand - that is
>on wrt Sport Aerobatics. And to solicit input - for that we have had so
>far, thanks!
>First, it is important to point out the board view SA as a key
>benefit and communication vehicle. We are seeking to find ways to
>and improve the benefit we all get from the magazine.
>Second, the EDITOR (and I deliberately emphasize the job title, more
>is a part-time position filled by Dave Kujawa.
>Final piece of context, times is hard!  I live and work in the Silicon
>Valley area and we are feeling the chill - I'm sure that it's the same
>other parts of the country.  Aviation activities - and membership in
>associated organizations - is discretionary.  I know that I'm looking at
>where my money goes very carefully.  IAC is certainly not immune from
>our income and hence our budget, remains under pressure.  And in this
>I look very carefully - with the support of a very able board and staff
>at where our money goes too.
>A humorous (well others tell me it is) context setter:  I'm a
>by birth and used to have a boss who would introduce me as 'This guy's
>Yorkshire; you know Yorkshiremen, they are just like Scotsmen but with
>generosity kicked out of them'.
>I prefer to see it as I think long and hard about value for money.  And
>my time on the board I've been impressed with the focus on enhancing the
>value of IAC membership to the members.
>So, in November the board discussed SA and looked at options for further
>improving it.  The current publication is 48 pages because print
>means that magazines are most economically produced in multiples of 16
>pages. There WAS discussion about reducing the page count (as you can
>see a
>reduction would mean 32 pages), there WAS NOT  a decision to  do that.
>fact, I was directed by the board to look at options for investing in SA
>enable those improvements.
>The summary of my findings:
>Our editor has been doing a job beyond the editing task we pay him for.
>We are dependent on submitted articles (we do not, currently, commission
>Members (and the board!) would like to see more in-depth articles on
>Nationals, regional contests, etc. but we cannot afford to fund staff or
>writers to travel.
>What can we do?
>I have asked Lisa to see how we can modestly enhance the amount we spend
>SA in the budget we are currently planning for next year.  This budget
>be presented to the board for approval in March (our finance year runs
>March - February).
>Dave Kujawa has been added to the Chapter President's email list so that
>can solicit input from them
>We looked at (and I am a proponent of) moving time sensitive
>such as contest results, to a more responsive medium such as the web.
>personal view is that I see this information on the email list (in most
>cases) and would far rather go to the IAC web for such information.  The
>web, again in my view, is a much underutilized resource. My the time
>contest results appear in SA, they are most often many months after the
>We can encourage contest directors and volunteers to write up regional
>competitions and other events, and to submit photos. How about
>someone to this task VCs?  Thinks, must talk to that Paso VC about that
>Our President, Gerry Molidor, has suggested that board members lead by
>example and submit articles for publication in SA.  Some have already
>his challenge.  Gerry himself is sharing some of his experience in
>as well as the presidents page.
>We can and should encourage members to submit articles for publication.
>have a cadre of stalwarts who do, and we would very much like to see
>In short, we are a largely volunteer organization, and we need YOUR help
>and input.  Your opinions are very helpful, and I welcome them. But we
>need you to turn your skills to producing and collecting material for SA
>continue to improve and provide value.
>Hope that helps....
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>                                         Oakland, CA 94602
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>                             g.bird at

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