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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] RE: Sport Aerobatics - the ideas....


Thread: [Acro] RE: Sport Aerobatics - the ideas....

Message: [Acro] RE: Sport Aerobatics - the ideas....

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From: "Krueger, Chuck" <CKrueger at>

Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 19:23:26 UTC



I feel eliminating the contest results would be a huge mistake.
Electronic medium is not for everyone.

Chuck Krueger
Pits S1S  N88TF
IAC #8793

-----Original Message-----
From: Graham Bird [mailto:g.bird at]
Sent: Thursday, February 06, 2003 2:05 PM
To: acro at
Subject: [Acro] Sport Aerobatics - the ideas....

I want to try and present some of the thinking - first hand - that is
on wrt Sport Aerobatics. And to solicit input - for that we have had so 
far, thanks!

First, it is important to point out the board view SA as a key
benefit and communication vehicle. We are seeking to find ways to
and improve the benefit we all get from the magazine.

Second, the EDITOR (and I deliberately emphasize the job title, more
is a part-time position filled by Dave Kujawa.

Final piece of context, times is hard!  I live and work in the Silicon 
Valley area and we are feeling the chill - I'm sure that it's the same
other parts of the country.  Aviation activities - and membership in 
associated organizations - is discretionary.  I know that I'm looking at

where my money goes very carefully.  IAC is certainly not immune from
our income and hence our budget, remains under pressure.  And in this
I look very carefully - with the support of a very able board and staff
at where our money goes too.

A humorous (well others tell me it is) context setter:  I'm a
by birth and used to have a boss who would introduce me as 'This guy's
Yorkshire; you know Yorkshiremen, they are just like Scotsmen but with
generosity kicked out of them'.

I prefer to see it as I think long and hard about value for money.  And
my time on the board I've been impressed with the focus on enhancing the

value of IAC membership to the members.

So, in November the board discussed SA and looked at options for further

improving it.  The current publication is 48 pages because print
means that magazines are most economically produced in multiples of 16 
pages. There WAS discussion about reducing the page count (as you can
see a 
reduction would mean 32 pages), there WAS NOT  a decision to  do that.
fact, I was directed by the board to look at options for investing in SA
enable those improvements.

The summary of my findings:

Our editor has been doing a job beyond the editing task we pay him for.
We are dependent on submitted articles (we do not, currently, commission

Members (and the board!) would like to see more in-depth articles on
Nationals, regional contests, etc. but we cannot afford to fund staff or

writers to travel.

What can we do?
I have asked Lisa to see how we can modestly enhance the amount we spend
SA in the budget we are currently planning for next year.  This budget
be presented to the board for approval in March (our finance year runs 
March - February).

Dave Kujawa has been added to the Chapter President's email list so that
can solicit input from them

We looked at (and I am a proponent of) moving time sensitive
such as contest results, to a more responsive medium such as the web.
personal view is that I see this information on the email list (in most 
cases) and would far rather go to the IAC web for such information.  The

web, again in my view, is a much underutilized resource. My the time 
contest results appear in SA, they are most often many months after the

We can encourage contest directors and volunteers to write up regional 
competitions and other events, and to submit photos. How about
someone to this task VCs?  Thinks, must talk to that Paso VC about that

Our President, Gerry Molidor, has suggested that board members lead by 
example and submit articles for publication in SA.  Some have already
his challenge.  Gerry himself is sharing some of his experience in
as well as the presidents page.

We can and should encourage members to submit articles for publication.
have a cadre of stalwarts who do, and we would very much like to see

In short, we are a largely volunteer organization, and we need YOUR help

and input.  Your opinions are very helpful, and I welcome them. But we
need you to turn your skills to producing and collecting material for SA
continue to improve and provide value.

Hope that helps....

Graham Bird				3968 Oakmore Road
					Oakland, CA 94602
Treasurer, 				Home: 510 530 9008
International Aerobatic Club		Cell: 415 999 3106
					Fax: 240 214 1063				g.bird at


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