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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] IL State aerobatic open (plain text)


Thread: [Acro] IL State aerobatic open (plain text)

Message: [Acro] IL State aerobatic open (plain text)

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From: "Tison Englehardt" <mr_8kcab at>

Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 02:02:52 UTC


The Illinois State Aerobatic open will be on June 22-24 at the Southern 
Illinois airport (MDH) in Carbondale IL.

*Free Hanger Space provided by SIU Aviation Technology

*Limited Free Gas provided by Southern Air Service

*Bar-B-Q on Friday night provided by Klein Tools from 17th Street

*Barbeque. (Three-Time Winner of the World Barbeque Championships)

*Lunch Saturday and Sunday provided by Robinson Construction

*Transportation to and from Hotels provided by Rotor and Wing Association of 
America + Women in Aviation

*Corner judges provided by Rotor and Wing Association of America

Basic through Unlimited powered. $55 registration

Inspection/registration/practice Friday noon-sunset,

Banquet will Saturday night in town at the Mississippi Flyway $20 dollars a 

Hotels: Holiday Inn: 888-259-3194

I included a checklist so you donít forget anything.

Freestyles signed off by a judge (Intermediate Ė Unlimited)
Proof of Insurance (liability for 1 million dollars)
Parachute Pack date
Airframe, Engine, and Prop annual inspection sign off
ELT sign off
ELT battery expiration date
Airworthiness certificate
POH with Weight and Balance
Transponder if applicable
Pilot Certificate
Valid Medical
IAC card
Check or Cash for $55 Dollars registration and $20 a person for the banquet.
For more info contact Ty Englehardt at (618) 457-8380 or 
Mr_8kcab at

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