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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [ACRO] Revising categories & Recreational Aero ...


Thread: [ACRO] Revising categories & Recreational Aero ...

Message: [ACRO] Revising categories & Recreational Aerobatics Program

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From: Gdinning at

Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 14:56:51 UTC


Mr. Gilhausen's recent suggestion about adding "super sportsman" to the U.S. 
competition categories, in an attempt to preserve entry-level categories but 
allow growth in more advanced levels, seemed like a good idea to me.  I can 
think of another possibility, as well- moving beginner competition to the 
proposed "Recreational Aerobatics Program" (see latest SA, p. 35).    If this 
program really, truly got off the ground, Basic and "Easy Sportsman" might be 
run in it as a low-stress, informal competition, with critiques and optional 

It would allow learning and growth by people scared off by the contest 
atmosphere, encourage self-taught Sunday afternoon aerobats to take their 
training more seriously, and maybe even solve the "no medical but safety 
pilot" type of situation discussed a while back.   

A glaring problem I can see is that the program might exceed the 
organizational resources and interests of local chapters, who, let's face it, 
are there for the serious competitions.  It also might be neglected by an IAC 
fixated on national teams, merchandising and TV coverage.  It would be a 
clever way to maneuver the low end people out of the way, then kill them off 
by neglect-- unintentionally, of course.
The figure given was 5,600 IAC members, 800 competitors.  It'll be 
interesting to see whether those non-competing 4,800 members are just 
lurking, or are willing to participate if given the right opportunity.

Greg Dinning

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