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Brahma is the Hindu God (Deva) of Creation and one of the Trimurti (the Divine Trinity), the others being Vishnu and Shiva. According to Hindu legend he is the father of Manu, and from Manu all human beings are descended. Brahma's consort is Saraswati.

Brahma appeared on a lotus flower which sprouted from the navel of Vishnu. After meditation Brahma created 14 planetary systems and many living beings came there in 8400000 kinds of material bodies according to their past desires. Brahma received Vedas from Om, and he is transmitting knowledge from Om Himself to Earth.

Brahma is traditionally depicted with four heads, four faces, and four arms, standing on a lotus flower. However, only three faces can be seen. With each head, he continually recites one of the four Vedas. In one hand he holds a book, symbolizing knowledge. Another of his hands holds a scepter. Unlike most other Hindu Gods, Brahma holds no weapons. He wears a crown, which indicates his supreme authority. Brahma's vehicle is the swan. In color pictures, he is usually colored pink or red.

Apparently, Brahma is not worshiped as much as the other major Gods like Shiva and Vishnu. I didn't see any temple that was dedicated to Brahma, and hardly any statues or pictures of him.

You can find more information on the Brahma page on Wikipedia.

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Images of Brahma

brahma_statue_2Bronze statue of Brahma with the four heads. (346k) hindu_godsStatues of the Trimurti (Divine Trinity) in Varanasi, with Shiva on the left, Brahma in the center, and Vishnu on the right. (679k) picture trimurti divinePicture of the Trimurti, the divine Hindu trinity of Brahma (left), Vishnu (center), and Shiva (right), each standing on a Lotus, on the Shiva temple in Dhulikhel. (505k) statue shiva templeStatue at the Shiva temple on the way to Nagarkot. This statue of a Hindu God is quite unusual. He has the four heads of the Hindu God Brahma. He holds Shiva's Trishula (trident) and the Damaru (drum). He also holds Vishnu's Shanka (conch shell) and Chakra (spinning disk), so he represents all three parts of the Trimurti, the Divine Trinity. (618k) brahma_statueBrahma Statue from the Chăm Kingdom in the Chăm museum in Đà Nẵng. (278k)

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