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Negage, UígeAngola

Latitude: 7° 45' 15.50" SouthLongitude: 15° 17' 15.20" East

Elevation: 4105' (1251m)Max. Runway Length: 8070' (2460m)

Comments: military
Runway info: Runway 16/34 (8070' x 108'), Surface: ASPHALT, Runway 09/27 (2670' x 89'), Surface: DIRT; Airport frequencies: AFIS 118.7 MHz

Todays Sunset: 17:24 UTC (18:24 WAT)Tomorrows Sunrise: 04:53 UTC (05:53 WAT)

Todays Evening Twilight End: 17:46 UTC (18:46 WAT)Tomorrows Morning Twilight Start: 04:30 UTC (05:30 WAT)

Weather Information

TAF Weather Forecast / Decoded TAF for FNMA, 122 nm southeast of FNNG. METAR Weather Report / Decoded METAR for FNMA, 122 nm southeast of FNNG.

Other Information

Selected NOTAMs for FNNG (if available).

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Location of FNNG, Uíge, Angola · Google Satellite Image+Map

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